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Well the show was great, not too many venders as in previous years. I did get me a emergency Flat tire repair kit by a company called Dynaplug Pro. I reason I went with them is that there is no application glue that you have to put on. Since I got the Pro kit it cost me $50 and they threw in 4 extra plugs. I also bought their added palm handle attachment for better pushing/plunging power on car or truck tires. Here is a link on utube of their product. Dynaplug - YouTube.

In the world of Lithium battiers there was a company there called Mirai and this company carried lithium battiers and also LED Lights. The reason their batteries caught my eye was that the design of having DUAL terminals so that you can have different mounting positions which I though was very Cool. Their show price was reasonable, example for my hayabusa battery normally their cost is $160 and show price was $130. Their batteries are 3 yr warranty. I also seen Shorai battery company at the show and I asked about their warranty and it is now 3 yr warranty and which I posted previously that their batteries had 2 yr warranty. You can check out Mirai batteries at and see their battery design.

Lots of nice looking women walking around the show. Speaking of nice looking beautiful women I met up with the very first Grom member Kate and her husband Chris, very lovely couple. It was nice chatting with them and was nice to hear that Kate rode her Gorm from San Francisco to the show using the great EL Camino roadway. Hope Kate had a safe ride home.

The EL Camino roadway was used by the Spanish people in the 1700 time frame who traveled from Mexico up from Southern Calif to Northern Calif. Here is a history of the EL Camino Real El Camino Real (California) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

GromJohn texted me stating he had back problems and was not able to ride his Grom or his other motorcycle to the San Mateo show, hope you get better John.

All in all was a great day at San Mateo, it was cold in the morning so I was bundled up but by noon time the weather was nice where shorts and a tank top was all I needed to stay comfortable.

Hayabusa Bold New Colors

Kawi Bold New Color ZX1400


Can-am had a neat off road toy


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Great pic's. Thanks

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