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Here I am trying to finish my Taxes and the UPS truck pulls up and the guy is saying dam what are all these stuff you receiving from Thailand so I point to the Grom on my sidewalk and say parts for mods for the RED beast.

The second set of gold rims will go with the all blue plastic on the second grom that will be here June 15. The all metal Grom rims are the one's I stripped the paint off and that will go with the painted copper/silver plastics. I also bought a second set of rear plastic that I will sell as soon as I get the second grom in since I do not know if I'm getting a Black or Red grom. I also received a third set of Grom tools since I sold one of our members my second set of Grom tools for his trip to SS in L.A.

I also received two Front Michelin Pure tires from BikeBandit and the rear Michelin 140/70x12 is back ordered and will come at a later date.

I still have to figure out a way to use my no mare tire balance unit since the steel rod is too thick to fit through the grom rims and I found a work around to get my tires balance. I emailed no-mare and they don't have a rod or cone locks for the size of the grom rim but I will figure out something.

Last item on the list is my 170cc kit from BrianS and a cam from Crower Cam company. The ECU mod and update I will decide on what I will buy. I'm leaning towards Power Commander.

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