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Well as of today the new stock grom cylinder and check is on it's way to BrianS for his 170cc kit.

I assume I have to wait a couple of weeks to get the product.

Other items I need to get is the A/F ECU adjustment unit, not sure what brand I will be buying but I assume I will go with what BrianS has used for testing or the other tester has used in California.

I do have a spare stock Grom head that I was going to port and polish and flow, but I will run baseline test with the stock heads first.

I also have a spare new Grom cam and I was thinking of having it ground to what ever spec that will give the best HP.

In storage or waiting for install will be the lighten oil spinner and flywheel.

Right now in all stock form as far as grom engine goes, the engine has 1020 miles on the odm and it seems to run a lot better and maintain 60-65 and some times up to almost 70mph. Not bad with a 210lb rider.

I have not even touched the Air box yet for mods
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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