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Very few riders have left their gearing stock.

Obviously, once you change your sprockets, or your Tire Size........ your speedometer will be incorrect.

This also effects your odometer as well.

If, your geared your bike down (Smaller front sprocket, and/or Larger Rear).. then your speedometer is reading FASTER then reality.
This also means your racking up the extra miles on your odometer faster then reality.

This little device is pretty handy to install and re-calibrate your speedometer to make accurate again.
And then of course your odometer will also be accurate as well.

This also lowers the chance of getting a speeding ticket as well. ;-)

The installation could not be any easier.

After removing the left side panel, it took all of about 2-3 min to install.

Completely Plug-n-Play

The programming takes about 1 min.
It's really that quick....... once you watch the video of course.

After the installation we went out and tested the unit.
And it matched our GPS Reading exactly. 75 mph = 75 mph

Very slick device.

Easy to install and program
Simple design

The directions were a little overwhelming because there is soo many things this can do.

ONE of them being........ Record and save your top speed. Kinda of a cool little feature.

Watch the video below for complete installation and explanation of how it works and how to install and how to program.



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