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@bf519, we actually just installed it on my bike the other day. I rode around a lot last night with it and at first seemed the same as my tyga slip on. After about an hour of riding it seemed to be picking up more hp at the top end. I plan on getting a 14t front sprocket soon and should really open up the bottom end and allow more push at top end also.

As for sound, it's much deeper than the Tyga moto maggot. Sounds really good in my opinion, a bit on the loud side w/out the silencer in. When you put the silencer in it tones down quite a bit but keeps some of the deeper tone. Definitely not a raspy exhaust and from the videos even with a GoPro it doesn't do the pipe justice.

Unlike many of the pipes I've been seeing, this one is a little higher to the motor providing more ground clearance and also less issues with potentially mounting a lower cowl.

Here's a link to my Instagram with short video.Michael Wood @woodlow Instagram photos | Webstagram
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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