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Posted on June 1, 2013 by steady

Big thanks to Kiwi2racing’s Dana Point ride, we (along with our fellow friends and riders) were able to take an up close and personal look at 1 of 2 2014 Honda Grom 125 prototypes in North America.

Aside from the redesigned Honda Metropolitan (NCH50) and Honda PCX125/PCX150, Honda Powersports has yet to introduce an attractive small sized scooter that tuners are excited for, since the introduction of the Honda Ruckus (NPS50). When words got around that the Honda Grom 125 (MSX125 in the far East) was going to be released and sold in North America, majority of Honda bike enthusiasts could hardly wait.

Aside from CRF’s, Trail’s, Gorilla’s, Z50′s and such from the last few decades, Honda Powersports N.A. was missing a ‘street legal’ gear driven mini-bike that allowed riders to not only ride it around the pits, but also on the road, and potentially on the tracks. This is the answer we’ve all been waiting for, 125cc, 4 speed, small frame, and have features similar to larger motorcycles.

Chain driven, mono-shock, front/rear disc brakes, and the ability to seat two? Yes please!

Multi-Functional Digital Instruments.

The engine features some characteristics from previous horizontal 4 strokes Honda engines.

From photos, it’s hard to gauge how big the Honda Grom actually is. Rumors noted that the Honda Grom was the same size as the Ruckus, we’re assuming they made a connection with the reference of a Trail 70 or Gorilla 50. Here’s a photo showing the Grom 125 next to a modified Honda Ruckus.

Here’s another photo with the Grom 125 next to a classic CB550.

During the Kiwi2racing Dana Point ride, the Honda Grom 125 fitted in with the rest of the crowd perfectly. Here you’ll see all sort of different bikes, Honda Ruckus, Yamaha Zuma 125, Yamaha C3, and a classic Honda Chaly.

We can’t wait to get our hands on one!

Thanks to Honda Powersports for allowing their prototype on the street of Southern California and thank you Tony for allowing the Grom 125 to join the ride.

-Steady Garage

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There. Finally. A size comparison of a Ruckus vs a GROM

And here is a comparison of a stock MSX beside one with basic bolt ons

Show the potential in making this bike look sweeter than it already does.
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