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Sunny weekend ahead

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Finally some riding time...

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Yup! I'm going riding tomorrow

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What are you talking about?? It's been sunny the last 4 months!
ride everyday! sun or rain!
Sport bikes and rain = bad

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I try and not ride in the rain .. and I concur with sunshine all the time. Joe needs to move somewhere a little warmer given his passion for bikes. I hear Arizona is nice this time of year. :)
I try to not ride in the rain as possible. Too many bad experiences.
Pouring down today - only ride in the rain when I HAVE to, not for pleasure.

Anyway got a load of photos done doing a couple of mods on the MSX which will be posted in the next hour or so.

Moved 8 tonnes of concrete paving slabs this morning so not really in the mood to do anything at the moment.
Lots of rain at the moment :(

Just going to clean up around the house today until the rain stops. Or else i'll be running around i the cage today.
I just got home from a little ride. I need to practice self control. The highway is only fun at 3 digit speeds.
Riding in the rain isn't too bad. Depends on how much rain I guess.

It sucks but I don't kill myself when I see rain. Sometimes when the girlfriend takes the car the bike is the only way to get out of the house!
With the right gear, riding in the rain can be a uniquely beautiful experience. On my Triumph Tiger, it is also amusing to break the rear wheel free in 2nd gear.
Joe you liar! I saw this post and was super excited about the weekend but got drenched on saturday. Way to go for a buzzkill. It was raining from morning to late afternoon.
Lol you can't trust the weather forecast let alone someone on a forum hahaha. No offense Joe. ;)

I was out late friday night got tanked woke up at 6pm on saturday. Slept through the whole rain storm.
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