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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Guys & Gals,
I have been working overtime, except today, machining pistons, mocking up the 170cc Grom bore kit, getting it ready to assemble. The cylinder goes on the engine tomorrow morning, the head by lunch. It should be running Friday, and as long as there are not any hick-ups, a video by Saturday, with sound. I spent most of the week reworking the piston dome for the correct squish clearance to the head, and machining valve clearance pockets, so that any cam up to 7mm lift will clear. So, it gets assembled with a stock head & air box first, then dyno tested. After that it's on to modified parts.
See you Saturday

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Waiting for the results, Merry Christmas and keep up the good work and design.

Just for FYI when you do the kit do you want us "customer" to send you our cylinder and the head since I believe you said that a new sleeve will have to be put into the cylinder and I believe the heads will have to be flow and polished and possible bigger valves and such. Reason I ask is if that is the case, I will order a cylinder and head from Honda so that I still can ride the Grom until the modified parts are done by you.

I would like to see the modified cylinder tested with stock head and valve and cam,stock airbox, stock pipe and dyno as a baseline

Then dyno again with a modified airbox and get that baseline

Then dyno again with modified airbox and aftermarket exhaust system, first just slip ons and dyno,
than full aftermarket exhaust system and dyno.

I assume with all these dyno testing it will give the customer what level of modification they want to get their Grom.

Also real world riding with the various combo of mods just to see what kind of mileage per gal you will expect to get and how hot the engine will get from stock baseline temperture.

I think after the baseline of each test is documented than I guess you can try various combo of counter sprocket changes from stock at 15T, than 14T, 13T just to see the results of dead stop to take off and top end speed.

Than maybe main rear spocket changes to see what results you get.

And maybe after the best mod combo that you find for max hp I wonder if you can add the mod which is the lightening of the oil spinner and flywheel and see what the results will be.

I know that seems like a lot of testing but this would give the customer the option to decide what level of mods they want to do for the budget they are willing to spend.

I'm sure other things that will factor in will be the throttle body, cam and the ECU setup and possible extra oil cooler etc.

I assume heat sensors will be added various segment of the fins like the upper part of the cylinder and lower part of the cylinder just to see what the level of temperature will be from Stock.

Not trying to make your job or design work more difficult but I assume other customers will be asking the questions that I just threw out to you and wanted to maybe make you aware of possible baseline that might be over looked or you might not think would be important but customers might think it would be before they decide to put down their hard earned money for one of these modifications.

Wishing the best on testing
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