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So as i get closer and closer to making an actual purchase i keep coming back to the thought about MSRP, and what else can be done? This is not a negative thought at all, in fact the one thing that keeps me boggled is how little out there you can have fun with for $3,199....

From Hondas own stable you could pick up a CRF125F, CRF100F or CRF80F for equal or below the Groms MSRP, but as you know those are trail bikes and offer limited use vs the GROM. The closest useable street bike in Hondas stable would have to be the CBR250R, but i figure if you wanted one you would have got one, if you didn't already have one...

clicking through the other manufacturers will net a similar result, dirt bikes or pit bikes...

Ok, so we're talking usability, next i checked the used market (AKA craigslist). I searched my local craigslist with the $3,199 MSRP, here is the essence of what I came across.

3 place ATV trailer 83x14: $3,199
Cargo Box Trailer 6X10: $3,199
Cleanstar Floor Scrubber: $3,199
1970 Chevy C-30: $3,199
2003 Dodge Neon SX 2.0: $3,199
Torqueedo Tiller: $3,199
66" Solid Maple Dining Table: $3,195
Superman Coin Set: $3,150
Gibson LP 335 Custom Shop: $3,150

And now searching just motorcycles:

1999 Suzuki Savage LS650: $3,100
1994 Ninja ZX-11: $3,000
2000 CBR600: $3,000
2000 R6 for parts: $3,000

the majority are dirt bikes, high mileage cruisers or entry level sport bikes with the piss beaten out of them.

I guess what I'm trying to get at, is as much as i try and talk myself OUT of the GROM i keep coming back to the realization that the fun factor and frugality of a little 125cc just cannot be matched. Especially when you consider nothing else that size is even close to street legal :D

You'll forgive me for this round about way of saying I'M GETTING A GROM! :D:D>:D


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I own Hayabusa, ZX6R, FATBOY HD, Heritage HD, RX-7, Tundra 08 4x4 5.7 L and all the stuff I have I love the GROM. I ride it everyday. I go to the gym on it, I go to Costco and carry my food on the luggage rack.

I ride my hayabusa like I stole it and I ride very aggressive, with the GROM I ride like I have no cares in the world.

By the way if you look like the HOTTIE above you deserve a GROM by your hubby/boyfriend/ or other. Nothing like a HOTTIE that enjoys life.

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It is a good point to look into what the used market is offering for the same price as the Grom in your area. The Grom is a great price but you may be able to find something that is an even better fit for for the price if you check online.

For me, I really like the Grom though. Nothing like it out there. Irreplaceable.

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just going by my current/previous motorpool... for 3200 you can have

3 crappy 1st gen sv650 (yes, i've bought em as low as 1k)
1 pretty decent second gen sv650 any day
almost an sv1000s (bought mine for 3500 the same day i won the grom)
2 of my nsr50s (selling mine at exactly $1600 heh)
almost 2 kawasaki supersherpas
a very nice enclosed trailer
a work van in decent shape
about 6 crf100s
1.5 set up track sv650s
1.5 2ndgen sv650s
2 gs500s
3 rm125s
2 ktm65s
9! '72 cb350s
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