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When did you first learn of the grom/msx 125

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In march of this year I was doing a search for where to buy a Honda nice engine for my ct70/dax and i happened to see a picture of an MSX 125. Someone had referenced the engine being similar to the nice. At the time i had no plans on buying another bike, but i knew i had to have one after learning what it was. At the time there wasn't much info on it on the internet (at least in english). i went to the honda dealership and to my surprise they said we will have them in stock in may. I immediately pulled the cash and paid for it in full and have now had it for almost 2 months and couldn't be happier.
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it was announced on HFL and all the other motoblogs sometime over the winter, and everyone said "OMG BRING IT TO THE US" honda listened :)
Pictures online.. One look and I was sold!!!
today isaw it on the svrider forum and here i am
There was an article in Cycle World a few months back...
Through another forum I'm a member of... (another one of forums)
Honda Website several months ago. I was looking at the new CB(R)500 line and saw they had just added the Grom.
I got an email about it from another forum I'm on. Took a quick look and realized I really liked it.
My friend posted a picture of it on facebook and tagged me. So i just did some research my self after i found myself here. Google was the culprit ;)
I remember reading about it a little while back, but honestly I forgot about it until there was a post over at about the contest. Now I have to have one of these things when they come out. lol
I first saw it on MCN. Then I watched the trailer and I was hooked!
December or January? Whenever the MSX was released in Thailand, never thought it'd make it sstateside had it featured on there! Its a pretty cool website for guys to find new toys :D
i saw it at the world premiere, i was lucky to live in belgium i guess :)
Honestly, it was when they put a banner on the Ducati Monster forum
Just today via email from

Not sure why they promoted it lol
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