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Wins me some Grom!

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I was actually pretty interested in the Grom when I heard about it. Have an SV and a DRZ now but I would love to play around on a Grom.
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welcome aboard!

Nice to see the coolest stuff making its way to the us for a change...currently sv650 riding for 15 years but kind of a fair weather rider though mostly around town on nice days
best bike I've seen in a long while!
I saw free GROM and so I was like 0^0 Have to register, lol.
Hello and greetings from Nebraskaland!

Yeah, the Grom is a pretty sweet looking bike. Honda does it again!

It's NERF, or nuthin....
greetings from Canada! and yeah I wanna play with a grom too :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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