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Anyone looking to get a Cam? Instead of the DCR, I was looking into the Yoshi ST-1M. Normally, the yoshi cam is $70 more than the DCR, so that is why i think most people go with the DCR.

The reason why i'm going with the Yoshi over a DCR is the Yoshi cam is not a regrind stock cam. It is a billet cam cut to the correct specs.

This is what Snakeibf said about the DCR..."With the crower cam they took a stock Honda grom cam and ground the lobes for the new higher lift and duration required to make more power. This did give us more torque and power, but the drawback is they removed material and as a result the tappets must be turned way down thus changing the contact angle with the valve stem. This uneven contact causes excess wear on the tappet and valve stem because they are not butted flush up against each other. Additionally it also causes a lot of valve noise, especially when the engine is not warm.

The best solution would be a cam billet cut to specs and not from an existing cam. This way you could retain the proper lobe size for a correct contact angle. The downside is higher production cost. "

I have been talking with Hardracing, and they are offering a GB on them. PM me for the PRICE and a link to purchase it. We need 5 buyers or HR won't be able to finalize this deal!!!

We only need two more buyers!

1) Luke Kwan- Paid 8-4
2) mnovell- Paid 8-4
3) D1E- Paid 8-6

FYI, The price of the Cam will most likely will go back to regular price once the 5th slot has been filled.

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